Seven Seas Shipping Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 1987 as a ship agent company with a capital of 30 million yen to undertake sole agent in Japan for a German carrier, SENATOR LINIE GmbH, who newly inaugurated "Round The World Service" in April, 1987. Since then our company is continuing growth and evolution extending our business scope not only for ship agent business but also sea freight forwarding business, air freight forwarding business and the other logistics-related business under the slogan of "BE AGGRESSIVE ON ALL". We are one of a few shipping agents in Japan that are completely independent company composed of 100 percent Japanese personnel and financial resources. The stocks of our company are all held by the president of our company, board of directors and executives. This keeps us completely free from any extraneous interference in us and our business policy to serve 100 percent of loyal to our principals and our customers. We can deal with all kinds of our business flexibly in order to meet each of customer's requirements as we have many experts who have many years of experience and wide knowledge on shipping business, sales and trade marketing fields.